What is Heavenly Restriction? Blessing or a Curse?!

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Cursed energy serves as one of the main power sources in the world of Jujutsu like a magical juice that fuels everything! 

This power system became the very foundation of their culture and strength.

If you’re living in this type of society, what happens if you don’t have such power? 

The answer to that will be based on Toji Fushiguro and Maki Zenin, and their story is not something you’d expect…

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Is Heavenly Restriction a Blessing or a Curse?

What is Cursed Energy?

Cursed energy

The first thing to understand is, what exactly is cursed energy?

Well, it ain’t cursing or swearing, that’s a different energy. 

Cursed energy is used by sorcerers and cursed spirits to fuel their cursed techniques.

This power source is born from negative emotions such as grief and anger. These negative feelings are common in human society, but not everyone has cursed energy.

This is where Heavenly Restriction steps in…

What is Heavenly Restriction?

So, what is Heavenly Restriction

It is described as a binding placed on a sorcerer’s body the moment they are born. You can’t deny it, you can’t escape it, just like marriage! 

Heavenly Restriction usually makes a person better at one thing, but it also comes with limitations or restrictions in different aspects.

For example, if a sorcerer is born with low cursed energy, they might end up achieving the pinnacle of human strength.

Toji Fushiguro

This concept is observed with the case of Toji and Maki Zenin, but the best model for this is the “Sorcerer Killer” Toji Fushiguro. The DAD with a “GOD BOD!” 

Toji Fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro 2

In Toji’s case, he’s the first person to completely eradicate his cursed energy… which turns him into an absolute monster.  

This also made him like an “invisible man,” making it a piece of cake to sneak past barriers. He also gets superhuman strength, becomes resistant to cursed spirits, and over the top instincts to the point where he can still sense curses.

What is a Cursed Spirits?

cursed spirit

Wait, do you have any idea what cursed spirits are? 

Cursed spirits, commonly known as curses, are created when cursed energy leaks from humans. They’re like sediments gathering until they take form. (Manga Chapter 77)

0077 006

A great example of a cursed spirit is that “purple thing” that wraps around Toji. Yeah, that ain’t no weird scarf.

Toji funny face

That cursed spirit is known as the “inventory curse.” 

Toji trained it like a pet and it can store various objects, such as cursed tools and other curses like the ‘Fly heads.’ That’s pretty neat! Can I have one? 

Kokichi Muta

Kokichi similing

Another type of Heavenly Restriction is the opposite of Toji’s case… 

If someone has a weak and fragile body, they gain a tremendous amount of cursed energy in exchange for these physical limitations.

Our only example for this is Kokichi Muta.

Kokichi muta 3

So, Who is Kokichi Muta? 

Kokichi was first introduced during the Goodwill Event arc and some of you know him as “Mechamaru.”


Mechamaru is actually a puppet controlled by Kokichi’s cursed technique.

During his fight with Panda, he explained that he was born without his right arm, with weak legs, and he can’t feel anything in his lower body. (Manga Chapter 38)

0038 013

His skin is also sensitive to sunlight or moonlight, and he said that it feels like it’s been constantly being poked by needles. Damn, I feel sorry for this guy. (Manga Chapter 38)

0038 014

Despite these physical restrictions, in exchange, he gained a large amount of cursed energy, which allows him to use his technique over a wide range, and it was so wide that it covered the entire Japan! (Manga Chapter 79)

0079 012

That is why he can control puppets at long distances such as “Mechamaru.” 

So, basically Kokichi is like the anime version of Jeff Dunham.

Even though he has this unbelievable power, he mentioned that he is willing to exchange everything over a healthy normal body. (Manga Chapter 38)

0038 014 2

Well, If I’m in his shoes, I’m also thinking the same thing, but is it ok to betray everybody?

Heavenly restriction is not something that can be chosen by a person, but if you could, which restriction would you pick? Share your thoughts in the comments!

For me, the clear choice would be Toji or Maki’s restriction– I might have zero energy, at least I can still enjoy the sunshine!

Maki Zenin

Speaking of… who is Maki Zenin?

Maki Zenin 1

Just like Toji, Maki was born into the Zenin family, making her a distant cousin of Toji and a distant aunt of Megumi Fushiguro. (Manga Chapter 144)

0144 020

She’s also the older twin sister of Mai Zenin and the daughter of Ogi Zenin the younger brother to none other than Naobito Zenin, the 26th Head of the Zenin Family. (Manga Chapter 144)

Yeah, I know… their family tree is a little bit complicated, and it gets more complicated than that…

The Zenin clan values powerful cursed techniques, and if any family member doesn’t have one, they are instantly rejected… just like Toji. That’s one of the reasons that led him to leave the clan and change his last name. (Manga Chapter 66)

0066 019

Unlike Toji, who has zero cursed energy. Maki’s case is different. It was explained by Yuki that there are several cases of Heavenly restriction that reduce a person’s cursed energy into normal levels. (Manga Chapter 77)

0077 007 1

Since they’re twins, Mai and Maki share the same cursed energy and because Maki ended up with just a tiny bit of cursed energy, the clan started treating both of them like trash– NOT COOL! 

Maki despite all the hardship, she displayed incredible physical strength. However, her own clan still considered her weak and unimportant. (Manga Chapter 149)

0149 005

Toji experienced the same treatment when he was a kid… it was mentioned in JJK official fanbook that he received his scar when he was thrown into a pit filled with cursed spirits.

Toji official fanbook

In Chapter 149, Maki and Mai were thrown into the same pit by their own father. 

0149 003

Wow, Parent of the year…

This guy totally sucks because Ogi really wanted to feed his children to the curses, and before he left he even mocked Maki due to her Heavenly Restriction.  

Now, here is the exciting part and also the most tragic one. Bro, Mai used her cursed technique and crafted a weapon to transfer her strength to save her big sister. (Manga Chapter 149)

0149 013

So, what is the reason why Mai sacrificed herself?

Cursed techniques treat twins as a single person, so they boost each other’s strength while also weakening the other.

0149 009

Which means no matter how many times Maki tries to train herself, it’s pointless because Mai doesn’t want to grow stronger. (Manga Chapter 149)

0149 010

But Mai’s ultimate sacrifice removed the shackles on Maki’s strength, unlocking her true potential to become the next Toji Fushiguro. (Manga Chapter 149)

0149 016

The Zenin clan’s harsh mistreatment gave birth to a monstrous being, born from their own darkness

Maki as she obtained such power, she annihilated her entire clan. (Manga Chapter 150)

0150 009

Side note: did you know that Toji almost did the same thing?

It was mentioned by Ranta that the Zenin clan still exists because Toji changed his mind. (Manga Chapter 150)

0150 018


Maki fight

Maki is a total badass, yet she’s still no match for the OG Toji. So, in case you are curious, what do you think is the reason why Gojo wears Toji’s outfit?

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