Tower Of God Chapter 571: Release Date, Preview & Where to Read

Tower Of God Chapter 570 was filled with shocking twists and turns that no one had expected. Bam making up his mind to go to war with the family head and the twins actually agreeing with Bam’s plans was something quite unexpected. Yuri and Tiara’s fight is still going on, and Yuri is having a hard time against the mysterious Tiara. By the end of the chapter, the fight between Yuri and Tiara is interrupted by an unknown and dangerous being.

The being seems to be targeting Irregulars like Bam, putting him in great danger, and no one knows how things will transpire going forward. Fans are anxiously waiting for the next chapter to drop, nervous about the escape Bam is planning. In this article, we will cover everything we know about Tower Of God Chapter 571. We will be talking about the release date of Chapter 571, recap the previous chapter and tell you where you can read it.

Tower Of God has become of the top-rating manhwas, and it even got an anime adaptation in 2020. It is a long-running manhwa, and it gathered a huge fanbase globally after its release in 2010. The story is set in a fantasy world where a Tower stands at the center of the Universe. The Tower is an enigma to everyone and is said to contain powers no one can imagine. The plot follows a young boy named Bam who spent his life in the shadows of the Tower.

Tower of God Chapter 571 release date spoilers recap
Tower of God [Credits: Naver]

Bam befriends a girl named Rachel, who disappears into the Tower one day. Bam is determined to find Rachel and follows after her, becoming an Irregular to enter the tower. Bam meets some strange people known as Regulars at the base of the Tower and quickly makes them his allies. With his new friends and determination to find Rachel, Bam is ready to overcome any trials that the Tower sends him away from and find Rachel at any cost.

Tower Of God: Chapter 570 Recap

In the previous chapter, Holan has disappeared from the facility and finds himself at the place where the fight with Mosquito was going on. Holan is identified as a castaway of the mothership, but he seems to hold animosity toward Mosquito’s opponent. It is obvious that Holan has lost control over his powers, making him dangerous to not just others but himself too. Holan says his tongue is burning and launches and powerful and deadly attack.

Ha Jinsung and Cha finally meet the Lo Po Bia family’s insider named Goruro, who is a branch family head. Goruro tells Jinsung that he will help them escape, but they want to use the Irregular to instigate a war between family heads and ultimately destroy all ten family heads. Goruro also tells him that he is on the Fug’s side and their goals are aligned. Goruro wants to use the Slayer Candidate as the spark that will instigate head-on war between the two heads.

Tower of God Chapter 571 release date spoilers recap
Tower of God [Credits: Naver]

On the other hand, Bam and Khun finally have their reunion and begin catching up. Bam tells Khun that he plans on fighting the head and finding freedom from the marriage contest that he has pushed down on Bam, Lilial, and Shilial. The twins argue about it, but eventually, they agree to cooperate with Bam since neither of them is willing to marry Bam, and the family head has made the situation so that one of them has to win the contest and marry him.

At another location, Yuri and Tiara’s fight continues, and Yuri is starting to lose. Yuri manages to land some attacks and destroy Tiara’s book, but it has no effect. Tiara continues using her magic without the book, and her attack is about to hit Yuri when Holan appears in the middle of their fight. They attack Holan together, confused about his identity and his purpose. Suddenly, Bam appears and comes in contact with Holan, who is looking for Irregulars.

Tower of God Chapter 571 release date spoilers recap
Tower of God [Credits: Naver]

Tower Of God: Chapter 571 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 571 is scheduled to be released on Monday, 15 May 2023, at 12:00 AM KST.

  • India (IST): 8:30 PM on Sunday, 14 May 2023
  • Japan (JST): midnight on Monday, 15 May 2023
  • Korea (KST): midnight on Monday, 15 May 2023
  • USA (EST): 10:00 AM on Sunday, 14 May 2023
  • UK (GMT): 3:00 PM on Sunday, 14 May 2023
  • Philippines (PHT): 11:00 PM on Sunday, 14 May 2023
  • Australia (AEST): 1:00 AM on Monday, 15 May 2023

Tower Of God: Where to Read

You can read Tower of God on Naver Comics’ official website. The English translations are available on LINE Webtoon’s website and app for international readers.

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