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I should probably start being disappointed with next season.


Isn’t Saku supposed to be particularly short, and slender? For a Japanese woman at that which are already at around 5 ft to begin with? Gaining a couple pounds is probably good for her. And yet, a generic “gained an eighth of a pound” sequence was probably the strongest of the four. It was certainly the longest. The second was mostly just a recap of that one pushy ex-boyfriend scene. Is this the first time we found out those two are sisters? Does it matter? Probably not.

The third they tried to turn eating some random grass into a whole emergency. Have you not interacted with children? Or dogs? Or cats? They eat literally everything. But we need to pad it out by explaining that cats like to eat random grass. Oh, so we are familiar with the concept after all. And to conclude, an ad on TV and thinking about it. Even for this vapid show, it feels like they’ve long since run out of ideas, and with nobody on staff owning or having interacted with a cat, there’s nothing more that can be done. 


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