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How nice that everybody just got bored and left.


And with the only second actual fight of this entire damn season of this show ending with everybody just up and going home for no particular reason, we get to spend a whole episode once again pissing about. The first season of this show was aggressively mediocre, but the characters had some growth and kept moving through the story, introducing new characters, new encounters, new things. This season, however, was quite atrocious. Only three new characters were really introduced and then summarily dispatched. Team Umbrella existed only to be randos to fight at the very last minute and most of them could’ve been written out of the show entirely and it would’ve probably been improved by having only a couple antagonists instead of a whole Ginyuu Squad of umbrella themed idiots. 

But what really killed it was the horrific pacing. Again, there were only really two fights in the last twelve episodes. It kept getting sucked back into the same couple flashbacks over and over and over and over and over. I feel like I’ve seen Hyouma’s siblings die more times at this point than I have Uncle Ben or Thomas/Martha Wayne combined.  


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