Pokémon Ultimate Journeys (To Be A Master) Final Episodes Begin Broadcasting on POP! in the UK

Ash’s journey will soon be drawing to a close on UK TV, as The Pokémon Company have recently confirmed on social media that the final episodes of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys will be shown on POP! each week day at 6pm, with the final episode on 24th September 2023.

Following on from Ash’s victory in the World Coronation Tournament he ventures on a new journey across the Pokémon world to meet old friends, and rivals, while trying to uncover what it actually means to be a Pokémon master. POP! has previously broadcast 38 episodes of Pokémon Ultimate Journeys (as well as all of Pokémon Journeys and Pokémon Master Journeys), but this will be the first time that these final episodes will be shown on UK TV.

Interestingly, despite the social media post claiming that these new episodes begin broadcasting from Wednesday 13th September, it seems POP! have actually been broadcasting new episodes since Monday 11 September 2023. More importantly If you haven’t been paying attention to POP! TV listings (as the channel did require re-tuning on Freeview last month) then Episodes 39 and 40 would have been missed as well. Both of these were also recently shown on Saturday 9th September 2023 and Sunday 10th September 2023 in the build-up to the final episodes.

Regardless, these new episodes will be shown each day at 6pm and repeated at 9pm on POP! and a breakdown of when these will be shown can be found below:


  • 11th September – Episode 41 – Heroes United
  • 12th September – Episode 42 – This Could be the Start of Something Big!
  • 13th September – Episode 43 – The Road Most Traveled!
  • 14th September – Episode 44 – A Fated Face-Off!
  • 15th September – Episode 45 – Must be our Heroes and the Witch!
  • 16th September – Episode 46 – Bearing Down Easy
  • 17th September – Episode 47 – A Squad Worth of Passion
  • 18th September – Episode 48 – The Same Moon, Now and Forever!
  • 19th September – Episode 49 – Ride, Lapras, Ride!
  • 20th September – Episode 50 – Getting to the heart of it All!
  • 21st September – Episode 51 – Rocket Revengers!
  • 22nd September – Episode 52 – Ash and Latios!
  • 23rd September – Episode 53 – The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master
  • 24th September – Episode 54 – Distant Blue Sky!

The episodes above means that we will see out the conclusion to the Ultimate Journeys story, which includes the To Be A Master selection of episodes, on POP! throughout the next tweo weeks or so.

As a reminder POP! is available on Sky 616, Freesat 606 and Virgin Media 736 in the UK. Episodes shown on TV can also be watched at any time on demand through the POP Player App. POP! is also available on Freeview, but the channel number may vary (or not exist) depending on your region within the UK.

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