Original Character Feature: Thea Leh Rühk

Today we feature an amazing OC from GLKnight83! Art by @AbsintheOTL:

In the lands of Yashra, many kingdoms have risen and fallen. Many save one. For far above, lying across the top of the continent in the wintery Northern realms, lies a massive and powerful kingdom that is as powerful as it is welcoming. A massive land of pleasant summers and deep winters. Of warriors and mages, steeped in the ways of the gods in their home of imposing mountains and idyllic valleys and forests. Where wisdom is matched by ferocity, tethered by the favor of the gods long after the Divine Madness.

This is the kingdom of Drüsher, home of the Elves. Most ancient of the scions of the gods.

It is this realm that Thea Leh Rühk, princess of the Drüshic people, comes from.

Born under frightening omens, Thea is a curious case. For she is unique being in this world. She is Divini, a demigod of incredible size, strength and ferocity born three thousand years after the calamity when the gods went mad and turned on each other, causing upheaval and wounds that still fester to this day. Her mere existence is an omen to the common people, forcing her to hide her true nature. Resolute to a life of loneliness until a mage protected her, the first person outside of her home country that treated her with kindness and sincerity, not put off by her size or appearance. That mage, Davrick Bene, was enamored by her. And in time, she with him. And after two years of journeying and growth, they exchanged vows under the Valiant Tree in the Fålku Forest near Vah-Krynn Keep, Thea’s home and capital of Drüsher.

And in time, the two formed their own party of friends: the golem-like Synthet Craftwoman named Arnea Of The Mystic Cannons, obsessed with making the ultimate cannon, the sunny and skilled Shadow named Deerah, haunted by a curse that she has made into a boon; and another noble child, the rakish Fire Shaman wielding a flail that he claims holds the crystalline heart of a dragon, the Half Demon named Corvis Of The Dragon’s Flame.

For three years, the five of them have gone on adventures, fought monsters, doing jobs and earned their keep as part of the Verrima Guild. But there is something Thea has kept secret from them all. Something that her husband has begun to notice. Sleep has been evading her. She has become less in control of her emotions, which is a troubling sign for a Blood Singer like herself, feeling the call to battle in her blood as an instrument of havoc. And most frightening of all is one solitary dream, of a gigantic outline of a man floating in space, consuming all light around him as his darkness suffuses her against her will. Devouring everything around her as her screams are snuffed out before waking.

And then there are the whispers, telling her to unleash her true potential, to cast aside that which binds her. To be the bridge between reality and the realm beyond all, the hungering and corrupting Void in which the gods cast themselves into during the Divine Madness.

As she and her party are hired for a job that is more than it seems, Thea is not doing well. She fears that she may finally be losing herself to the whispers and urges. And most frightening of all, she fears that she may lose the one thing that is keeping her sane.

And she will kill anyone and break anything if it means protecting her Golden Sun and her friends from harm. Even the things that reside in the realm of Non-Existence that wish to breach reality itself.


TWILIGHT’S DAUGHTER is a planned Epic Fantasy Horror trilogy that conceptually mixes works like Earthsea and The Wheel Of Time with the Cthulhu Mythos and Weaveworld. It’s a world where mages cast spells of incredible power at potentially tragic cost, where warriors fight in fields of battle and darkened corners of kingdoms. Where the gods went mad and threw themselves into Nothingness, causing an existence where terrible incidents are still remembered but have been ignored long enough to unknowingly make reality itself sick.

Or, as I like to put it, “what would happen if the Fellowship Of The Ring believed they were fighting Sauron, but instead found themselves slipping from Epic Fantasy and into Cosmic Horror”.

That is the central idea behind Twilight’s Daughter. Five friends, each holding terrible secrets from the others, finding themselves on a journey that unveils greater, more diabolical secrets. And ending up on the path to madness, war, pain and incredible sacrifice. For beyond the veil, The Void lies in wait. Chaos incarnate, non-existing but not empty. Reaching out and calling those it can to open the way. Ready to spill out and consume that which lives in a ravenous desire to exist.

Yashra’s survival or destruction rests in the hands of these five souls, and in the hearts of two lovers. The heart of Davrick, The Will Of Secrets and her Golden Sun. And Thea Leh Rühk, his Silver Moon and The Daughter Of Twilight itself.


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