One Piece Episode 1073 and 1074: Luffy and Kiado continue to fight as Onigashima burns

In One Piece episode 1073 and 1074, Luffy and Kiado’s fight rages on. The Yonko laments the destruction his crew has suffered. Most of his top officers have been defeated and his castle has been destroyed. Meanwhile, Luffy considers using lightning bolts to defeat Kaido. Inside the Skull Dome, the fire spreads separating and trapping the allied forces. Nami and Tama regroup with Chopper, while, Brook, Robin, Apoo, and Number Inbi are trapped together in the basement.

On the fourth floor, Raizo and Jinbe attempt to extinguish the flames. Raizo summons a scroll that produces water and Jinbe uses Fish Man Karate to control the flow and flood the Skull Dome. Together they’re able to put out the flames. Outside, the Flame Clouds that Kaido create are starting to die out as Kaido losses power. Yamato fearing Onigashima crashing into the mainland, pressures Momonosuke to try and create his own clouds to keep the Island afloat.

Luffy conquers the clouds

Luffy is confident that his crew can handle the dangers below while he takes care of Kaido. However, Momonosuke struggles with his confidence and recalls being sent into the future as a child. Despite Momonosuke being forcibly aged he’s still a child at heart. He recalls the sacrifices made to save Wano and vows to save it. Meanwhile, Luffy begins grabbing lighting and hurling it at Kaido. Kaido thinks it’s “absurd,” that Luffy can do this.

Luffy goes one step further and applies his rubber qualities to the lighting itself. Then proceeds to ricochet between beams, shocking Kaido. The Yonko gets some good hits in but they don’t seem to do much. Luffy harnesses the lighting like Zeus and fling at Kaido. More serious, Kaido strikes Luffy several more times. He notes that “Devil Fruit” powers cannot conquer the world, pointing out that neither Oden nor Gol Roger had Devil Fruit abilities. According to him, “only Haki can,” he then hits Luffy without a devastating blow.

Luffy grabs Kaido from a great distance. He begins spamming an number of attacks at Luffy, managing to hit him each time. However, Luffy eat those hits and keeps his grip. Luffy then creates a massive fist, seeking to end the conflict once and for all. I can’t rave about this fights animation enough. I feel like it keeps getting better. I can’t wait to see what the next episode will bring.


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