One Piece Episode 1072 – Luffy confuses Kaido with Gear 5

In One Piece Episode 1072, Kaido deduces that Luffy “Awakened,” his Paramecia power but finds it strange that Luffy’s appearance has change. This is a common effect of the Zoan devil fruits but not Paramecia. Kaido swallows Luffy but it backfires when Luffy begins to bounce around his insides. He inflates himself within Kaido’s body then launches himself out of Kiado by using Gomu Gomu no Dasshutsu Rocket. Once he escapes, Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Giant. Becoming a massive version of himself, Luffy becomes a easier target for Kaido who attacks. However, Luffy uses Kaido like a jump rope with his Gomu Gomu no Jump Rope.

Luffy clowns Kaido

This episode makes greater use of the cartoony tropes as Luffy continues to bounce around like a looney toons character. Not only is Luffy able to transmit his rubber qualities to no living objects like the ground, he’s able to do it to living things like Kaido. Luffy is even immune to Kaido’s Bolo Breath and a direct strike from Kaido’s Hassaikai. Luffy’s Gear 5 abilities not only frustrates Kaido who wants a more tradition fight. Kaido is disoriented, unable to literally pin down Luffy.

The animation continues to be stunning. While some may find switch between three different styles of animation might make this episode animation too inconsistent, I thought it was acceptable, especially when dealing with the flash backs. I particularly liked the more fluid animation towards the end of the episode. It seems like the next episode will be the end of the battle. Overall, I’m loving Gear 5 and the level of animation that the last two episode of One Piece have presented.

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