One Piece Episode 1071 – Luffy reaches Gear 5 and becomes Joy Boy

After One Piece Chapter 1044 was released I was excited for the anime’s adaptation of the epic chapter. The One Piece anime features stunning animation especially when a big fight occurs. So when Luffy reached Gear 5 we knew the animation was going to be spectacular. Midori Matsuda (One Piece: Stampede, Pokémon the Movie) and Keita Saito (Yugioh and Pokémon), and were responsible for the animation and Tatsuya Nagamine (Dragon Ball Super: Broly) directed. They did not disappoint. With the “looney toon” nature of Joy Boy (Gear 5) fluid animation was necessary to accurately depict the final fight between Luffy and Kaido.

For those that don’t know, Joy Boy is the name given two people. A still mysterious Joy Boy from the Void Century that played an important role in Fish-Man Island history. According to historical recordings, Joy Boy left the Poneglyphs. It was prophesized that Joy Boy would return 800 years after the Void Century. Zunesha claims that Luffy after he awakened the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika and his heartbeat took the “sound of the “Drums of Liberation” became Joy Boy.

Luffy becomes Joy Boy

Luffy’s Gear 5 form is a mixture of silly and sinister. His body appears to be so rubbery that he cannot stand up straight, instead he stumbles around trying to gain some balance. It doesn’t help that he has a manic laugh. In addition to this, the cartoonish sound effects and the fact that Luffy can’t seem to sit still makes this form scary but fun.

The only downside to this episode is that the show the same few sequences of Luffy bouncing around at least 5 different times. However, the episode makes up for it when Luffy begins to swing Kaido around like a ragdoll. When Kaido comes to his senses he sees a laughing Luffy being hysterical on the ground. Kaido tries to shoot him with his Bolo Breath. Luffy grabbing the ground and grants it rubberlike properties bounces the attack back at Kiado. One Piece Episode 1071 is a an animation masterpiece. It can’t be done justice in writing, it must be seen.

What did you think of the episode? Is Luffy’s latest form the best?

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