Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Game’s Character Trailer Highlights Amaterasu Corporation

The Master Detective Archives: Rain Code game is all set to release this year. Regarding the game, a trailer has been released recently. Although there are a number of observations about the characters and details that have been out as of now, one thing to notice is that a certain Amaterasu Corporation is present in the game. In the two minutes 25-second-long trailer, there are certain details to observe about the upcoming game. Along with other details, there have been releases of the characters’ names and the voice actors and actresses who will be in their roles.

Although there is still some time in the game’s release, each and every bit released increases the insight that we have to the game. Scheduled for the middle of this year, the game has already built some hype around itself, owing to the fact that Spike Chunsoft is behind it. There are a lot of hints and traces that we are trying to derive observations from. Considering what we have learned so far about the characters, the voice actors, the main staff, and other facts, here is all we need to know about the soon-to-be-out game.

An illustration of Yuma Kokohead
An illustration of Yuma Kokohead (Credits: Spike Chunsoft)

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What Is The Game About?

The game, with its Europe and North America Nintendo Switch release planned on June 30 this year, has been created by Spike Chunsoft. It was the very same Spike Chunsoft that was behind the Dangaronpa game franchise’s creation. Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is all about the adventures of being detectives. With 3-D detailing to it, the game is already up for pre-booking.

The game’s story revolves around Yuma, a detective in the making. Along with Yuma comes Shinigami. Shinigami is the spirit that hangs around with Yuma. It is their work to solve mysteries and cases in the Kanai Ward. While working with the Master Detectives who belong to the World Detective Organization, you get to collide with the Amaterasu Corporation. A special part of the game and its storyline resides in the Forensic Forte.

The Forensic Forte are special abilities of the Master Detectives that help them get clues at a level that is above normal. At times, even Yuma can get the advantages of these abilities. The game also brings in the concept of the Mystery Labyrinth. As the Mystery Labyrinth is dynamic and does not stay the same all the time, it is difficult but necessary to cross it and reach the truth and facts.

The Amaterasu Corporation’s Portrayal

The Amaterasu Corporation’s display is that of a huge corporation that opposes the World Detective Organization and its Master Detectives. The Amaterasu Corporation is critical of the activities that the Master Detectives carry out in the Kanai Ward. They are even linked to mysteries and cases. This is what makes the corporation and its people seem extremely shady. They often play around with facts to mislead the Master Detectives.

The character visual of Seth Burroughs from the Amaterasu Corporation
The character visual of Seth Burroughs from the Amaterasu Corporation (Credits: Spike Chunsoft)

Another method they use is simply laying obstacles in the path of the Master Detectives to restrict them from solving cases. Due to these activities, the Amaterasu Corporation has been seen in a more antagonistic sense. Amaterasu’s characters shown as of now are- Seth Burroughs, Dominic Fulltank, Martina Electro, Yomi Hellsmile, and Guillaume Hall. 

The Cast For The Game

The new Spike Chunsoft game has quite a decorated cast for the people to watch out for. To begin with, Lucien Dodge is giving voice to Yuma himself. Dodge has worked with works of entertainment like Godzilla, Dangaronpa, Demon Slayer, Naruto Shippuden, Pokemon, and Jujutsu Kaisen. With a history of performing at such a high level for a long time, the inclusion of Dodge is a huge thing, to begin with.

The voice of Seth Burroughs is Landon McDonald. He has earlier worked in animated works like Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, One Piece, Boruto, Bungo Stray Dogs, Your Lie in April, Kuroko no Basket, and many more! For Shinigami, Anjali Kunapaneni has given her voice. Anjali has earlier worked with Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens and many other shows. She can be recognized from Genshin Impact, in which she voiced Dori. Kane Jungbluth-Murry of Resident Evil Village fame will also be a part of the voice actor cast.

More than anything, the game’s hype has been boosted by the fact that the main people behind the Dangaronpa series of games will be back together. The names include those of the designer Rui Komatsuzaki and the composer Masafumi Takada. Due to people like them working behind the scenes to make Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE a success, the expectations from the game have been high, and the discussions around the game have been building at an unending pace.

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