Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 5: Premature Death

Throughout Jujutsu Kaisen Hidden Inventory arc Gojo Satoru and Geto Suguru have been shown as having two different views on strength and it’s value in society. Both understood that they were more powerful but disagreed with what they should do for the weak. Gojo was the more arrogantly of the two having very little concern for the weaker. Geto was kinder and thought the strong should protect the weak. As the arc progresses, Gojo and Geto appear to switch places. Rika’s death is the likely catalyst for this major change.

The cruelty of her death and the callous nature of the humans that celebrated her death impacted Geto in negative ways. Satoru and Suguru begin to question the importance of being a sorcerer. As Gojo continues to grow in strength, his relationship with Geto changes. The two will drift apart as they go on separate missions. While Gojo has managed to utilize Infinity/Limitless better allowing him to “distinguish between mass speed, shape, and intensity of fused energy all in order to ascertain the danger of any approaching object,” Geto begins to suffer as his constant consumption of exorcise cursed spirit.

Geto begins to see humanity as “monkey’s,” a term Toji used to belittle himself. Suguru meets the third special grade sorcerer, Yuki Tsukumo. Geto and Yuki have a disagreement. Yuki wants a world “without curses,” by making everyone into a sorcerer. She believes that “Cursed energy does not leak from sorcerers at nearly the same rate as non-sorcerers.” Geto admits he’s starting to despise non-sorcerers referencing the “ugliness of the weak,” he’s still struggling with it. Later, Kento Nanami and Suguru mourn the death of friend, Yu Haibara. What they assumed was a simple missioned turned tragic.

Geto accepts his hatred

Suguru argues that the path of a sorcerer is “unclear,” and will likely lead to a “mountain of dead corpses.” When Suguru is sent on a mission to exorcise a cursed spirit from a village he discovers the villagers were prejudice against sorcerers. Outraged, Geto massacres the entire village accepting his hatred of humanity. Suguru is sentenced to death. Gojo is shocked when he hears the news. He encounters Shoko and she calls Gojo. Geto and Gojo argue over their ideals but in the end Gojo can’t kill his friend. Geto establishes a religion to make money and gain curses. Elsewhere, Gojo meets Megumi. He tells him about the Zenin family.

Megumi doesn’t remember the father that abandoned him and doesn’t care about Toji. Gojo asks him if he wants to “go to the Zenin clan.” Megumi’s primary concern is his sister Tsumiki. Gojo agrees to help his sister and challenges Megumi to get stronger. What occurs between this arc and the next one is depicted in the Jujutsu Kaisen movie. The final encounter between Gojo and Geto doesn’t appear in the movie and neither does Kenjaku’s take over of his body. Jujutsu Kaisen will go on break until August 31st, when the Shibuya arc begins.

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