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As we prepare ourselves for the ongoing battle between Gojo Satoru and Ryomen Sukuna

There’s something familiar with Gojo’s outfit of the day

Why does Gojo seem to be raiding Toji’s closet? I mean, why is he wearing Toji’s outfit?

I know that some of you didn’t notice that details! 

Okay, before we start, let’s set the stage with a spoiler warning.   


How Toji Influenced Gojo’s Destiny?!

Gojo’s Tribute


Now, what was the intention behind Gojo’s “Toji-inspired” fashion sense? 

Well, there are several possible explanations… 

One theory suggests that Gojo wears it as a tribute to Toji.

But why would Gojo honor someone who killed his friend?

Hidden Inventory Arc

gojo and geto

To understand this, Let us go back to the Hidden Inventory Arc.

In Chapter 65 (set in 2006 btw) Gojo and Geto were assigned on a mission to escort Riko Amanai, the Star Plasma Vessel.

0065 021

Yet, what the heck is a Plasma Vessel? And don’t try to ask Gojo about it unless you know Digimon. (Manga Chapter 66)

0066 005

The role of a Plasma Vessel is to merge with Tengen to prevent his mindless evolution. In Chapter 74, it was mentioned that if Tengen goes berserk, it will lead to the destruction of humanity!

0074 005

 Now, THAT is an Avengers-level threat! Imagine what JJK’s “Endgame” might look like…

So, moving on… Riko was accompanied by the “strongest” duo. These guys were super cocky, thinking they were invincible.

Not until the “Sorcerer Killer” caught them off guard. (Manga Chapter 70)

0070 018

As Gojo faces Toji, I gotta be honest, I underestimated Toji as well. However, we were surprised that Toji dominated Gojo, stabbing Satoru like a human pincushion– and I couldn’t believe it! Gojo was dead, bro! (Manga Chapter 72)

0072 003

Bro, Toji has no chill– he head-shotted Riko in the middle of a very emotional scene, and right in front of Geto! (Manga Chapter 72)

0072 015

As Geto fights back, Toji beats his ass easily. (Manga Chapter 73)

0073 016

When Toji successfully delivered Riko’s corpse and claimed his victim. To his surprise, Gojo is back from the dead! (Manga Chapter 74)

0074 008

And How did he do that?

With a sprinkle of JJK math! Negative Energy multiplied by Negative Energy equals Positive Energy, a.k.a., the Reverse Cursed Technique, baby! (Manga Chapter 74)

0074 010

In the end, Gojo defeated Toji, and this event left a mark on his life.

After his awakening, Gojo remained dedicated to training, mastering the Limitless, and therefore, Gojo became the strongest… (Manga Chapter 76)

0076 009

As Gojo transcended into greatness, the arc also came with an extra tragedy. Not only due to Amanai’s death but also Suguru Geto descended into darkness. (Manga Chapter 76)

0076 015

 However, without Toji Fushiguro’s intervention, Gojo wouldn’t be the man he is today.

That is why… When his fight against Sukuna started, the outfit Gojo wears could be seen as a tribute to his past battle with Toji.

It seems Toji is not just a fighter but also a fashion influencer!

Reshaping Destiny

Now, what are the other reasons besides honoring Toji?

Some fans think it symbolizes reshaping destiny, possibly connected to Toji as he destroyed the path of fate. (Manga Chapter 145)

0145 011

Who knew fashion had such a hidden philosophy

Now, Gojo wearing Toji’s outfit might also symbolize his own desire to change his fate, and it was also mentioned in Chapter 145, that the plasma vessel, the six eyes, and Tengen are connected by fate. (Manga Chapter 145)

0145 009

If this is true… What if Gojo’s true aim is to change his fate by sealing Ryomen Sukuna and completely destroying him? Beat his ass, senpai!

Death & Awakening

However, what if there is a different possibility… 

What if Gojo Satoru will DIE?! 

It’s not as bad as the other theories that you’ve heard, because his death might also give him another chance of awakening… Gojo’s six eyes would become visible, turning him into Kokushibo!

Gojo kokushibo

Just kidding! But imagine if Gojo were to have a second awakening! Damn! That gives me the chills!

Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi Fushiguro

Now, I’ve been thinking… When will this chaos caused by Toji finally come to an end?

According to the theory, it will only end when Gojo and Sukuna finally defeat each other. The outcome might be connected to Megumi Fushiguro.

This opens up two theories that might represent Gojo’s reason for wearing Toji’s attire.

Gojo’s Confession 

One possibility is that Gojo will admit to killing Toji, but does it really matter? I mean, Megumi isn’t the type of guy who cares about his dad, you know? Plus he doesn’t even know him!

Their only encounter was during the Shibuya incident arc, and it may not be easy to understand why Toji fought Megumi, but he might have done it to test his son in the little time he had. (Manga Chapter 113)

0113 018

Remember the part when Toji fought Geto and remembered Megumi, suddenly?

The funny thing is in this chapter we witnessed Papaguro’s A-tier parenting skills… 

0073 018

I mean he forgets Megumi’s name! His son’s name! (Manga Chapter 73)

Gojo’s Fatherly Role

Now, for number two: maybe the reason Gojo is wearing Toji’s outfit is he’s trying to represent himself as Megumi’s father because we know that Gojo stood not only as a teacher but also as a guardian for Megumi. (Manga Chapter 79)

0079 005

As I said earlier, does that really work? Does Megumi really know his father?

Even though he met him in the Shibuya Arc or when Toji was mentioned by Master Tengen in Chapter 145, Megumi reacts in a way that he doesn’t know him…

0145 010

Maybe Gojo already has a plan on how to awaken Megumi? Or will Megumi just realize that he’s fighting against his “father figure?” And what if this triggers Megumi to finally take over his body?



I have no idea how they will seal or destroy Sukuna but as much as it pains me to say it, what if Gojo actually dies?

Yet, the good news is that there is a theory that Megumi has the ability to bring the dead back to life! What if there’s a chance to revive his sensei?

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