Another Typical Fantasy Romance Chapter 72: Release Date, Preview & Where To Read

Another Typical Fantasy Romance is a manga that revolves around the story of Lithera, a girl who gets dropped into her favorite fantasy romance novel and soon realizes that happily ever afters is not so easy to get. Given another shot at happiness, she decided to avoid the mistakes of her previous life.

The story starts with her meeting the sweet and caring Grand Duke with whom she spent years exchanging letters. The heroine, duchess Littera Mirto has returned, and to survive in this life, she’d have to enter into a marriage contract with the grand duke of the North. 

The female protagonist entering this universe was the deity’s fault; as compensation, the god granted all of her requests. She was able to reach the top spot with a little luck and thanks to her knowledge of the novel’s original setting.

It seemed like a happy ending at first, but the main character’s life still continued even after the happy ending. And the male lead is also over-obsessed with her. So she decided to divorce him. One day she received a letter from the Duke of Termine, Ferus Termine. The other novels looked down on him and called him a monster Duke, but he was her friend.

The letters were written politely, so she wanted to thank him. More and more letters were exchanged, and it lasted over five years, but whenever Lithera asked to meet, he always refused. Because if they met, the rumors about their relationship would start.

Another Typical Fantasy Romance
Another Typical Fantasy Romance (Credits: Pocket Comics)

Since Grand Duke’s handwriting was elegant, Lithera always had an elegant image of him in her mind. So they never met. But the male lead of the novel, who she divorced, killed Lithera. She thought to herself if she knew it was going to be such a meaningful death, she’d have met the grand duke before.

She asked God for her longing to be reborn in order to live blissfully once more. Lithera soon left to meet the Grand Duke to present the marriage contract to him after god granted her wish, but the Duke forbade her from leaving.

Previously on Another Typical Fantasy Romance Chapter 71: Recap

In chapter 71 of Another Typical Fantasy Romance, we see the prince getting scolded by the king as he didn’t return back early as he was expected to. Instead, he went roaming around trying to plan his mission of bringing back Lithera from the north and making her his.

Prince wanted to stay back and plan how to make Lithera his. He knew as soon as he would come back to the palace, he would be given no chance of any distraction. The king tells him how his carelessness had caused great loss to his followers, and he still didn’t seem to care about it.

Another Typical Fantasy Romance
Another Typical Fantasy Romance (Credits: TappyToons)

King was disappointed and decided to make him learn that being an emperor is not all sunshine and roses. And so he gives the task of fixing all that to the prince. But the prince didn’t care less. He was busy with his own affairs and was sick of the king’s nagging.

Not long ago, Lithera had asked Moni to keep her updated about the crown prince’s moves. So this time, Moni had a favor to ask. She asked Lithera to show off her diamond jewelry around the high society as it would help house Teika greatly.

Moni had not asked much, but there was a small problem if Lithera stepped back into this, she would have many people pointing their swords at her, so she wanted Ferus to be with her, but Ferus wasn’t a big fan of these parties.

To her surprise, Ferus agreed as it would also be a nice chance to show people how happy they’re together, and it would make it even harder for the crown prince to interfere between them, and it would also make it easier for them to find a way to go through the ruptures.

Another Typical Fantasy Romance
Another Typical Fantasy Romance (Credits: Mangaslot)

Another Typical Fantasy Romance Chapter 72: Release Date

Another Typical Fantasy Romance Chapter 72 is scheduled to release on June 17, 2023 (KST) as the Manhwa is currently on a break and will be releasing every 6 weeks. 

  • South Korea: 9:00 pm KST on June 17, 2023
  • Japan: 9:00 pm JST on June 17, 2023
  • US: 8:00 am EST on June 17, 2023
  • Canada: 8:00 am NT on June 17, 2023
  • India: 5:30 pm IST on June 17, 2023
  • Australia: 10:00 pm AEST on June 17, 2023
  • Philippines: 8:00 pm PHT on June 17, 2023

Another Typical Fantasy Romance Chapter 72: Where To Read?

Another Typical Fantasy Romance Chapter 72 will be accessible online for all international readers on Pocket Comics. You can find all the previous ones there. 

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