45 Facts About King Charles III That You Should Not Miss

King Charles III was the longest-serving successor in British History who really got famous during his tenure. When his grandfather, King George VI, passed away, he was just three years old. Queen Elizabeth II, his mother, ascended the throne after the demise of her husband. She served the throne for 70 years and became the longest-serving majesty in British History.

But all of King Charles’s life events have always happened out in public, in front of the whole world, from his marrying Princess Diana to divorcing her, his years-long relationship with Camilla, who was married to the king, the queen consort, and of course his strained relationship with his father.

The coronation took place on 6th May, when King Charles was crowned and was given the official name. It happened because her mother, the queen, passed away. She served for more than 70 years.

On the other hand, King Charles III has been working in the background to aid charities and complete his faults as the main personality of the royal family. Did you know he is fond of landscape painting? I know you did not.

This list covers some known and some unknown facts about King Charles III, who became the king after the expiration of the Queen on September 8, 2022. Read through this list to find out about King Charles III and some other facts about the Royal Family. Netflix has a whole series dedicated to the Royal family, which you can check out here.

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Interesting Facts About UK’s New Monarch

Charles Philip Arthur George was born to Princess Elizabeth on November 14, 1948, when she was 22 years old—just six days before his parents’ first wedding anniversary. Newspapers described it as “a really lavish baby,” but CBC Radio’s Matthew Halton emphasized to listeners that the newborn would not soon become king.

King Charles as a Baby
King Charles as a Baby (Credits: Good housekeeping)

He may be 50 or 60 years old before taking the kingdom if both his mother, the princess, and his grandpa, the king, survive to the fullest age, according to Halton. Halton miscalculated by more than ten years: Queen Elizabeth II passed away when Charles was 73.

Although he was already the Prince of Wales with the longest reign, he may have kept the position for a few more years if he had been selected sooner. Only male heirs apparent are accorded the title “Prince of Wales,” however this is not a fixed position. He was titled with the designation when he was nine years old.

Prince Charles And Queen Elizabeth II
Then-Prince Charles And Queen Elizabeth II (Credits: Fox Photos/ GettyImages)

After his grandfather passed away in 1952, Charles moved up to second in line for the throne, but he didn’t get the titles Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester until he was nine years old, in 1958.

Like popes, many kings and queens choose regal names that are distinct from their given names. One such example is Charles’s great-grandfather George VI, who was born Albert Frederick Arthur George but tilled to be called Bertie for most of his life.

The last two King Charles was not well-liked in British history, despite the verity that the current monarch has been the most renowned Charles in the UK for seven decades. Due to the treasonous deeds of Charles I, the monarchy was momentarily abolished, and Charles II spent some time in exile until the monarchy was reinstated 11 years later.

Queen and King Charles III
Queen and King Charles III (Credits: Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Though he was liked, he was a notorious philanderer who realized at least a dozen children that were not his. And Charles Stuart, Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the Jacobite uprising in Scotland that sought to usurp his crown were directed at Charles.

But according to the BBC, Charles made a choice to retain the name that was given to him after becoming the king and ended all the rumors that surrounded him related to the name.

Although he considered himself “hopeless,” Charles continued to play the cello and participated in the Trinity College Orchestra when he was an undergraduate. Charles studied the piano, trumpet, and cello. He knew how to play all three aforementioned instruments but majorly gained his interest in the cello.

King Charles III
King Charles with his Cello (Credits: Fox Photos/ GettyImages)

Some of the dignitaries, those who come to the United States, are given code names to cover their true identity, and the same happened with Charles, who was given the code name “Unicorn.” This is a fancy name, but it surprisingly fits because the Unicorn is a national animal of Scotland, and for more than 600 years, it has been a part of its dress code, the coat of arms. 

King Charles III
King Charles III (Credits: Samir/WireImages/Getty Images)

The first time when a Scottish Monarch used a ‘unicorn’ as a bearer of strength was in the late 1300s. It was Robert II or Robert III who implemented the use of the Unicorns, the gateway, and the arms of Rothesay Castle on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. At 5, he received the title of Duke of Rothesay.

Tricia Nixon, the oldest daughter of President Nixon, married in the Rose Garden of the White House for the first time in 1971. However, her father was looking to organize a marriage for the future king of England the summer before.

Charles and Princess Anne visited Washington, D.C., on an unofficial trip when they were 21 and 19, respectively. They received royal honors, tours of local attractions and museums, and accommodations at the White House (Charles slept in the Lincoln Bedroom).

Tricia Nixon and Prince Charles
Tricia Nixon and then-Prince Charles. (Credits: David Cairns/GettyImages)

And Sally Bedell Smith writes in her biography Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, “The president put to have Tricia seated next to Charles at every affair, which annoyed him.”

Charles was amused by the president’s labors, even if he didn’t get along with the first daughter. On a trip to Washington with Camilla many years later, he was still cracking up at Nixon’s effort at matchmaking.

In his twenties, Charles had the prominence of a playboy, and every female with a royal background was treated like a future princess, the noise to feed the media houses.

Diana and Charles
Diana and Charles (Credits: Hello!)

He met Lady Sarah Spencer at a banquet at Windsor Castle in June 1977, and the two exchanged invitations to polo and shooting matches. Charles visited the Spencer home in November of that year and met Sarah’s younger sister there. Diana, age 16.

In her 1999 book Diana in Search of Herself: Portrait of a Troubled Princess, Bedell Smith writes that after Charles and Sarah went skiing in Switzerland in February 1978, Sarah told a tabloid, “There’s no question of me being the future Queen of England. He hasn’t met her yet.”

Hyloscirtus Prince Charles, many times thought of as the Prince Charles Creek tree frog, was recently found (and critically endangered) species of Ecuadorian tree frog in the year 2012.

Charles holds an Ecuadorian stream tree frog species, named 'Hyloscirtus princecharlesi.'
Charles holds a tree frog species named after him, ‘Hyloscirtus Prince Charles.’ (Credits: WPA Pool/GettyImages)

Since he has long been vocal about the risks of climate change and founded the Prince’s Rainforest Project in 2007 as a beneficence and awareness campaign, it was given his name to honor his work in rainforest protection.

The Old Man of Lochnagar is a children’s book that King Charles III authored in 1980 based on stories he used to tell his younger brothers, Princes Andrew and Edward.

The Old Man of Lochnagar
The Old Man of Lochnagar (Credits: Amazon)

The story revolves around an elderly guy who sought a sensitive place to take a hot bath in the caverns close to Balmoral. Later, the king is a narrator of an animated short film based on the book. The kids love him, and he is seen visiting and helping kids’ schools oftentimes. 

As soon as Charles’ mother passed away, he became king. Although “Operation Golden Orb,” the plan for Charles’ coronation, was made before Elizabeth passed away, it won’t take place right away.

Charles at his mother's coronation.
Charles at his mother’s coronation. (Credits: Hulton Deutsch/GettyImages)

Before commencing the grand sad religious ceremony’s preparations, the UK will first enter a time of mourning. Elizabeth II was not crowned until more than a year after she was crowned.

According to a Reuters story, he was the first king who attended school. All his previous generations got their education from private teachers. 

He went to the Hill House School situated in West London, and after this, he got into Cheam School in Berkshire. Here he was chosen as the prefect of the school. Additionally, Prince Philip, his father, was a student at Cheam School.

Prince Charles arrives at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1967
Prince at Trinity College, in 1967 at Cambridge (Credits: Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

After the Cheam School, he was assigned to Gordonstoun. Gordonstoun was not an ordinary school, and it was a very demanding and strategic school in Scotland that gained the respect of Philip early on. Later, he went to the Church of England Grammar School situated in Australia for two consecutive semesters under his schooling curriculum.

He enrolled in Trinity College in Cambridge to study physical and social anthropology and archaeology before switching to history. He also learned Welsh for one term in Aberystwyth at the University College of Wales.

Charles loved scuba diving, skiing, and surfing when he was still in his prime. He had a high passion for Polo and played the sport for more than 40 years. As per Reuters, in 2005, he left the game for good when he turned 57.

But in 1993, he played the game on a competitive basis, but in that time period, he broke his arm two times which created an emergency of bone transplant and surgery. 

King Charles III with a Horse
King Charles III with a Horse (Credits: Tim Graham/Getty Images)

In six races, he participated as an amateur rider in 1980 and 1981, and he concluded second twice while calling unseated two times. As per the old reports, he is said to have a tiny on-field gift. In his last season, he led the football team, which ended the season with four goals scored and 82 goals allowed.

After the demise of the queen, Prince Charles’s mother, he got her horses. The horse shown in the above image was the queen’s but was given to Prince Charles after her passing away. 

After succeeding his mother, Queen Elizabeth, the king repeatedly took notes from Shakespeare and had a strong zeal for the cultural arts.

Not only that, he played piano, trumpet, and cello at school. He took part in a number of theatrical performances, portraying the role of the protagonist in “Macbeth.” As per the royal family’s official site, he likes to jam to classical music and opera music and titles Leonard Cohen, his favorite artist.

King Charles
Prince Charles practices his cello (Credits: Hulton Deutsch Collection/Corbis/Getty Images)

According to Reuters, he selected the songs by The Three Degrees, Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, and Edith Piaf in 2021 for a special hospital radio broadcast. When he was made the Prince of Wales in the year 2000, he reverted back to the dealings of the official harpist, which was being concluded.

The Prince of Wales wed Lady Diana Spencer, and she became the Princess of Wales after some time. Harry and William are the two sons that were born. Later in 1996, both of them got divided and divorced each other. The Princess of Wales passed in a car accident, as per BBC in Paris, on August 31, 1997.

King Charles
Lady Diana Spencer with Camilla Parker-Bowles. (Credits: Express Newspapers/Getty Images)

On April 9, 2005, King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles married each other. As asked by Queen Elizabeth II, she deemed the title of Queen Consort when Charles became King. On May 6, 2023, Queen Camilla, who is the consort, will officially be given the crown in Westminster Abbey in London/

The monarch enjoys drinking milk, honey, and Darjeeling tea and is not fond of having lunch.

King Charles Enjoying Tea
King Charles Enjoying Tea (Credits: Tim Whitby/Getty Image)

The king made his first official appearance in 1970 and shared his thinking on plastics, pollution, and their effects on the environment.

King Charles III talking about environmental issues
King Charles III talking about environmental issues (Credits: Natalialzam)

During engagements, the King often acts in tree-planting ceremonies. He circulated a branch and desired everyone to plant more and more trees. 

The monarch established the organic food company Duchy Originals in 1990, adding “entrepreneur” to his list of accomplishments. He started the company to sell the fruit from his own farm, which has now developed into the biggest organic food and beverage name in the United Kingdom.

Duchy Originals
Duchy Originals (Credits: WPA Pool/Getty Images)

King is the first person from British Royal to get RAF Wings.

King Charles flew himself to RAF Cranwell to practice as a jet pilot in March 1971 after completing his Royal Air Force training at the Cambridge University Air Squadron. The king received his RAF wings as flying lieutenant Wales five months later, at the age of just 23, being the first member of the royal family to do so.

King Charles
Serge Lemoine/Hulton ArchiveCredits: Getty Images)

It seems that when the prince was younger, his zest for adventure was unrivaled. King Charles, a professional diver, spent over an hour, 47 to be precise, below digging the Mary Rose wreck in 1975.

King Charles in a Swimsuit
Tim Graham Photo Library(Credits: Getty Images)

King Charles’s tree-planting ritual is unique.

You may have seen that the majesty often acts in tree-planting rites as part of his official engagements. The proud environmentalist taps or shakes each limb after planting each tree to wish it luck.

King Charles with a Tree
Mick Tsikas (Credits: Pool/Getty Images)

King Charles built a town named Poundbury located in Dorchester, England.

Charles has a long history of being fascinated with metropolitan layout and development. Thus, he intended the town to be a combination of classic architecture blended with modern and city-like structures and the overall layout of the whole development. 

Poundbury (Credits: Alamy Stock Photo)

King Charles was the first heir who got a divorce.

King Charles was the first heir to the throne to have a divorce in 1996. His wife at the time was Lady Diana Spencer. Princess Diana passed away in a motorcar accident in Paris a year later.

Diana and Charles
Diana and Charles (Credits: Anwar Hussein)

As a result, even though Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles were officially married in 2005 after the law had already been put into place in 2002, he was free from the Church of England’s remarriage restrictions.

King Charles was an accomplished painter.

He is an adept painter and is really one of the most popular living artists in the UK! According to People Magazine, King Charles primarily paints landscapes in watercolor, and sales of his work have brought him close to USD $3 million since 1997.

King Charles with Paint Brushes
Julian Parker/UK Press (Credits: Getty Images)

Charles donates the earnings of the sale to the Prince of Wales’s club. His lithographs may fetch prices ranging from USD 3,600 to USD 21,000 at auction. The painting that he drew was submitted anonymously in a drawing competition whose results were positive. Having said that, it shows that he is actually a skilled painter. 

King Charles III’s Christening

Charles was sprayed with Jordan River water at his baptism. Charles was handed vials of the water to use in future royal christenings in 2021 when he visited the alleged location of Jesus’ baptism on the river’s banks.

Baby King Charles
Baby King Charles (Credits: Twitter/Royal Collection Trust)

King Charles III’s huge collective portfolio.

Charles started collecting his manse’s counterpart of £209,000 as a male heir. According to a recent ‘Guardian’ exploration, the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall, which manage land holdings all over England, have given him and the Queen payments totaling more than £1 billion since that time.

King Charles III
King Charles III (Credits: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

King Charles in 1969.

In 1969, Charles recalled that as a kid, he thought of being a driver of a diesel engine or some random thing. When get grew older, he wanted to become a sailor, and naturally, it came to a soldier.

Prince Charles in 1969
Prince Charles in 1969 (Credits: AP)

When he began shooting, he thought that it would be wonderful to begin hinting at big games, but he soon realized that it was a trap and came to you with the scariest and most horrible times and experiences.

King Charles performed in Macbeth at 17.

Prince Philip cracked up when seeing his 17-year-old son perform Macbeth in the school play and later stated to a visibly moved Charles that he “sounded like the Goons.” Charles is a cellist who performed recitals at the residencies of local nobility while declaring himself “hopeless” in the field. He played several other roles in various plays that can be seen on online platforms. You can find him rehearsing the roles.

Prince Charles in Macbeth
Prince Charles in Macbeth (Credits: PA)

Mountbatten’s advice to King Charles.

Mountbatten asked King Charles to get a lady who had character and who was filled with pleasantness and love for his marriage before falling for anyone else. He met Diana Spencer, then 16 years old, in 1977 when he was 29 years old.

Lord Mountbatten with Prince Charles
Lord Mountbatten with Prince Charles Credits: WireImage)

King Charles’s Proposal in 1981.

In February 1981, Charles proposed to Diana, shortly before she left on a trip to Australia, under pressure to be married. He remarked this by saying that he thought that he would ask her opinion and would have the prospect think about it. In an open public interview, he was asked if they both were in love, and he said whatever in the meaning of love. 

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles (Credits: Getty)

When Charles proposed, Diana subsequently recalled that they had met 13 times. According to Harold Brooks-Baker, managing editor of Debretts, Diana “descends five times from Charles II,” as John Ezard and Alan Rusbridger noted in the Guardian. One time on the right side of the blanket and four times on the wrong. He had a great many bastards.

King Charles’s wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral

There were 3,500 guests for their wedding at St. Paul’s Cathedral, 600,000 witnesses blazed Diana’s walk, and an estimated 28 million people in the UK and 750 mil people glued to their TV sets around the globe. Diana’s gown had an ivory taffeta and vintage lace train that measured 25 feet (7.6 meters) in length.

King Charles
 Diana and Charles going to the palace. (Credits: PA)

There were a total of 23 formal wedding cakes; one piece was saved and sold in 2021 for £1,850. The royal historian Hugo Vickers noted in a journal that same day that a royal wedding is just like a picnic with the wasps in terms of romantic feeling. 

King Charles on being the President of the British Medical Association.

Charles gave a speech in 1982, and in the same year, he was elected as the president of the British Medical Association, outlining his support for complementary medicine and announcing that the deep suspicion that lies in our minds and hearts and immediate unfriendliness that lurks around that is novel, unconventional and unorthodox.

King Charles III
King Charles III (Credits: Getty)

A few days later, a four-page Evening Standard supplement with his name on it promoted hypothetical cancer treatments.

Before the Birth of King Henry.

Diana subsequently said that she and Charles were very close to each other, and there was everything between them for the six weeks leading up to Prince Harry’s 1984 birth. The nearest we have ever, will ever, or have been. Then, as soon as Harry was born, all of it entirely ran bang, including our marriage. 

King Henry
King Henry (Credits: Getty)

The Romance as per Sally Bedell Smith, the Biographer.

Sally Bedell Smith, Charles’s biographer, claims their relationship restarted in 1986. Diana reasoned to have faced Camilla in 1989, according to her biographer Andrew Morton. He said that all the men in the world fall for you, and you have two beautiful children. What else could you ask for? To this, Camilla argued and said all she wants is his husband. 

Charles and Camilla
Charles and Camilla (Credits: History Extra)

Charles’s visit to the Kalahari desert with Van der Post.

The following year, Charles accompanied Van der Post to the Kalahari desert, where he asserted to have witnessed “a vision of earthly eternity” in a herd of zebras.

Prince Charles in a Desert
Prince Charles and Lady Diana in a Desert (Credits: Getty Images)

After that, he took a trip to the Outer Hebrides, where he spent three days in a primary cabin learning more about crofting by planting potatoes and mending fences. The Sun published a story on the trip under the headline, “A LOON AGAIN: HERMIT CHARLES PLANTS SPUDS ON REMOTE ISLE.”

In the TV series, you will also see the characters that are portraying Prince Charles and Lady Diana visiting the deserts to make it look more organic and original. 

Charles’s affair with Camilla

In a 1994 interview with Dimbleby, Charles admitted to an affair with Camilla. Until the marriage became irretrievably broken down,” he claimed to have stayed faithful.

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla
King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla (Credits: John Stillwell/ WPA Pool/ Getty Images)

Charles and the visit Emir of Bahrain.

When the emir of Bahrain paid a state visit, he presented Charles with a 1987 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante. It was modified to have a leather-trimmed sugar-lump receptacle in the glove box for Charles’ polo horses. After selling the car in 1995, Charles donated the $110,000 profit to the Prince’s Trust. His present array of high-end vehicles is worth, according to The Guardian, roughly £6.3 million.

Prince Charles speaks to Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa
Prince Charles speaks to Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa (Credits: Middleeastmonitor)

Charles’s visit to Mount Athos after the Death of his Mother

After the Queen’s mother passed away in 2002, Charles flew to Greece and spent three days at a monastery on Mount Athos. Forty-three pieces of baggage and a butler were also touring with him to make sure that he was surrounded by familiar faces and didn’t need anything else.

King Charles
King Charles arrives at Westminster Abbey for his mother’s funeral. (Credits: Marco Bertorello/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Charles’s Preferred Personal Scent

According to Harry in Spare, Charles loved to “slather” Eau Sauvage on “his cheeks, his neck, and his shirt” as his favorite personal cologne. He is again selective about the scent that he wears. He even described Eau Sauvage as being flowery that is mixed with something strong and harsh, just like gunpowder or pepper.

Charlse's favorite scent
Charles’s favorite scent (Credits: Getty Images)

The Delay of the Grand National by 25 Minutes

The Grand National was delayed by 25 minutes in 2005 because Charles and Camilla’s wedding fell on the same day as the race. The Queen entered a side room at Windsor Castle shortly after the ceremony to watch the race. To watch it again, she parted the reception. A broodmare was her gift to the pair for their wedding.

Charles and Camilla
Prince Charles and Camilla. (Credits: Alastair Grant/ AP)

Honors that are given to Charles

In Japan, he was honored with a Grand Cordon of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum. In Mexico, he was honored with a Sash of Special Category of the Order of the Aztec Eagle. In Denmark, he was honored with Knight of the Order of the Elephant in Denmark, and Grand Commander of the Order of the Lion in Malawi are the honors bestowed to Charles in his lifetime. In 2011, the Garden Media Guild gave him a special award for promoting gardening.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles (Credits: Reuters Photo)

Charles and his love for Outfits

According to Tom Bower’s book, Charles changed his clothes five times a day and always had Kleenex Premium Comfort toilet paper on hand while traveling. He had his own orthopedic bed and toilet seat. Clarence House stayed silent. In the above image, he loves the coat so much that he has been seen wearing the same coat multiple times though he is very selective about the style of clothes that he chooses to wear. You will never see him wearing a loose outfit. 

Prince Charles
Prince Charles is his beloved coat (Credits: Chris Jackson/ Eamonn M. McCormack/ Getty Images)

Charles’s Personal Fortune

The Guardian pegs King Charles‘ personal wealth at roughly £1.8 billion. He receives about £86 million in the general economic year and is legally entitled to an extra £250 million under the rules of a funding settlement from 2011, but he has made it clear he does not want the auxiliary reserves. He didn’t pay inheritance tax on the Queen’s money after her passing.

King Charles
King Charles (Credits: Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Charles will wear the Imperial Crown for the first time.

For the first time, King Charles will get to wear the prestigious crown, and he can leave the premises with the crown if he chooses to. With 3,165 diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and emeralds, and it stands 12 inches tall. The Cullinan II diamond is the showpiece. The first blow by the artisans who tried to cut it shattered the knife.

Imperial Crown
Crown (Credits: WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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